In order to provide a competitive international presence for our students, NHU has joined with four other universities to form a "Fo Guang Shan International University Consortium," and the first cross-nation university system in Taiwan. The consortium consists of the Fo Guang University in Taiwan, the University of the West in the USA,  the Nan-Tien Institute in Australia and Guang Ming College in Philippine.

     This approach of "registering for five schools at one school" allows our students to earn two degrees at one school without paying extra tuition. For example, an NHU student could study in NHU for two years and finish the other two years overseas. Currently, the 2+2 Study Abroad Program is implemented between Nanhua University and University of the West. 

     Furthermore, NHU has expanded its academic cooperation all over the world. The number of international institutions cooperating with NHU has reached 200. It will continue to increasing in the future.

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