This Center has established to provide resources to support the teaching and research of the university.
To match the overall development of the university and go with the trend of computerized society, the backbone for the ATM superhighway network hookups has been completed to breakthrough the limitation of current WANs on the campus to let faculty and students to enjoy logging on websites. At present, we have launched 3500 computer hookups to offer the services. Even in the dormitories, the services are available. As to teachers’ research and administration, we have almost made it be one man one computer. The facilities equipped for students’ practice comes to the ratio 3 to l, that is, three students are equipped with one computer terminal. The computer classrooms are available for 24 hours daily for faculty and students.
Based on the idea of establishment of the University and the goal of its development, we focus on academic research and lay emphasis on integration of the courses to make Nanhua become an international comprehensive university. In order to preserve a span to an ideal on the development in the near future, the Center makes a whole set of plans to formulate the following traits on the going:

  • To establish a consummate network;
  • To put computerization into university administration to increase its efficiency;
  • To set up a good computerized environment for research and teaching;
  • To breakthrough the traditional teaching methods by means of computer technology;
  • To bring in brand new know how to upgrade technology of information in campus;
  • To implement information system to assist the community.

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