Guidelines for International Students Applying to Nanhua University (NHU)

1. This program is offered only for applicants who do not have overseas Chinese status, or Hong Kong and Macau citizen status, and who do not hold a Republic of China passport. Applicants must be qualified for legal student status pursuant to Article Two of the Ministry of Education's “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” of July 30, 2018.

2. International students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for undergraduate study; students with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for graduate study in Master’s programs at NHU.

3. International students who have already completed the application process for a degree program, or who have been expelled from any R.O.C. university, are not eligible to re-apply for admission.  Breaking either of the above rules would result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission or the applicant will be deprived of his recognized status as a student of NHU.

4. The academic year is divided into Fall Semester and Spring Semester. The application deadline for spring/fall semester is June 30 / December 31 of the current year. Applicants may submit application forms with the following documents to the Academic Affairs Office. Application forms can be down loaded from this link.
(1) Two copies of the completed application form.
(2) One official photocopy of the diploma along with one English or Chinese translation of the diploma.
(3) Undergraduate applicants submit a high school diploma, graduate applicants submit a B.A. or M.S. diploma).  Applicants must submit proof of the original diploma when they report to NHU; otherwise, their admission will be cancelled.
(4) One official transcript of academic records in English or Chinese, which should bear the official seal of the school attended.
(These documents must be authenticated by a Taiwan’s overseas representative office and bear the official seal.)
(5) A study plan in Chinese or English.
(6) Financial Proof Statement.
(7) Other documents required by each department or graduate school.

5. Chinese Language proficiency is not a requirement. Those who are unable to keep up with regular work course because of inadequate Chinese skills can take Chinese language lessons in the Nanhua University Chinese Language Center.

6. Each academic year begins on August 1 and ends on July 31of the following year.  Fall semester classes usually begin in mid- or late-September, and spring semester classes begin in late February of the following year.

7. Applicants can apply for the Taiwan Scholarship through diplomatic offices of Republic of China before they come to Taiwan.  A limited number of other scholarships are also awarded to foreign students after studying for one semester who may apply for the scholarships through the Office of International and corss-strait Affairs.
Fields of Study


Department or Graduate Institute

College of Humanities

Department of Philosophy and Life Education (Masters Program)

Department of Literature

Department of Literature (Masters Program)

Department of Life-and-Death Studies

Department of Life-and-Death Studies (Masters Program)

Graduate Institute of Religious Studies

Department of Early Childhood Education

Department of Early Childhood Education (Masters Program)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

College of Social Science

Department of Communication

Department of Communication (Masters Program)

Department of International and China Studies

Department of International and China Studies, Masters Program in Asia-Pacific Studies

Department of International and China Studies, Masters Program in Public Policy Studies

Graduate Institute of European Studies

Department of Applied Sociology

Department of Applied Sociology (Masters Program)

Department of Applied Sociology, Masters Program in Sociology of Education

College of Management

Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration, Masters Program in Management Sciences

Department of Business Administration, Doctoral Program in Management Sciences

Department of Tourism Management

Department of Tourism Management (Masters Program)

Department of Tourism Management, Masters Program in Leisure Environment Management

Department of Finance

Department of  Finance, Masters Program in Financial Management

Department of Cultural & Creative Enterprise Management

Department of Cultural & Creative Enterprise Management (Masters Program)

College of Science & Technology

Department of Information Management

Department of Information Management (Masters Program)

Department of Electronic Commerce Management

Graduate Institute of Natural Healing Sciences

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Department of Natural Biotechnology

College of Arts

Department of Visual and Media Arts

Department of Visual and Media Arts (Masters Program)

Department of Architecture and Landscape Design

Department of Architecture and Landscape Design, Masters Program in Environmental Arts

Department of Creative Product Design

Department of Creative Product Design (Masters Program)

Department of Ethnomusicology

Department of Ethnomusicology (Masters Program)

Reference for Tuition: The rates are expected to vary annually thereafter.〔The exchange rate between New Taiwan dollar (NT$) and US dollar (US$) on November 5th, 2019 was 1 US$ =30.655 NT$〕

(1) Undergraduate programs

College & Department

Rates per Semester


College of Humanities


College of Social Sciences


College of Management


College of Science and Technology


College of Arts & Design


(2)  Graduate School Programs

College & Department

Rates per Semester


College of Humanities


College of Social Sciences


College of Management


College of Science and Technology


College of Arts & Design


(3) Fee for dormitory: Registered undergraduate and graduate students may obtain a room in the dormitory (shared with other students).  The fee is around NTD$10,000 ~ NTD$15,000 per semester.
(4) Other expenses: Book expenses vary according to the courses taken. Meals at student dorm cafeterias cost around NTD$5,000 per month, whereas eating off-campus might cost more than NTD$6,000.

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