Complete Physical and Mental Care Services
Freshman Health Checks and Physical and Mental Health Surveys
To conduct complete student health checks at the start of each school year, all freshmen undergo physical and mental surveys and health checks. Students with abnormal health examinations or special diseases will be tracked for supervision and care. In addition, students in need of physical and mental counseling will be afforded counseling. In addition to a professional nursing staff to assist teachers and students in emergency injury treatment, health counseling, recuperating care observation, and unexpected campus disaster treatment, a school doctor is stationed in the school to provide students free consultation services every Monday &Tuesday afternoon.

Campus Counseling Network
In order to enhance the quality of education and nurture both moral virtues and talent, the school has a mentoring system that provides academic, life, and career counseling to students. In addition, life education lectures and related activities are regularly conducted to incorporate students’ counseling resources and construct the tertiary student counseling and prevention network on campus.

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