Nanhua University Masterful Hsing-Yun – Treasured Calligraphy and Wisdom
Nanhua University Masterful Hsing-Yun – Treasured Calligraphy and Wisdom Showing our Respect and Gratitude through Calligraphy

To celebrate the birth of Buddha and commemorate Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, Nanhua University library on May 11 collaborated with the Tea Society of the University to host the ‘Masterful Hsing-Yun – Treasured Calligraphy and Wisdom’ event. President Tsong-Ming Lin, Venerable Chue-Ming, Venerable Yong-You, Miss Sue Huang, and Mr. Pei-Chi Bo were invited to share their thoughts on the calligraphy pieces donated by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. All attendees enjoyed the tea beverages that had been prepared by members of the Tea Society while exchanging stories about their past relationship with Venerable Master Hsing-Yun. In total, over a hundred people attended the event, which included members of the senior management of the University as well as faculty and students. Attendees also wrote ‘Dharma Words from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’ to express their gratitude and respect to him.
The calligraphy that President Lin shared was ‘Auspicious Coexistence’, which symbolizes Nanhua University’s philosophy and development goals. It also represents the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings initiatives advocated by Venerable Master Hsing-Yun, which emphasize people’s need to coexist in a shared world. The message to all members of Nanhua University was to do good deeds, speak good words, think good thoughts, and live in harmony, and we should always remember to give those around us confidence, joy, hope, and happiness.  
At this event, in addition to learning what the calligraphies meant to the senior members of the University, the attendees were also enriched with a heartfelt appreciation of Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s love and devotion toward Nanhua University. It was an experience that no doubt has been deeply inscribed into each attendee’s hearts. At the event, attendees were also asked to write dharma texts, which gave everyone the opportunity to experience and learn from Venerable Master Hsing-Yun’s wisdom. This wisdom provided the guidance on how to nurture students towards good with a correct sense of value in the modern world, to possess love and wisdom, to be a contributor to society, and to bring light and hope to the world.
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