Nanhua University Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference The Integration of University Expertise with Local Characteristics –Regional Development for Shared Prosperity

   Nanhua University Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference The Integration of University Expertise with Local Characteristics – Regional Development for Shared Prosperity
On June 8, Nanhua University hosted the ‘Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference’. Representatives from ten neighboring towns and cities were invited to sign an Academia-Industry Cooperation Agreement. Dr. Zhen-Wei Chiang, the Director-General of the Economic Development Department of Chiayi County Government, was the witness to the signing. The agreement serves as the bridge to connect local communities with enterprises, build up innovative industries, grow local talent, and encourage the youth to return to their communities to develop and transform their future.
Every year, Nanhua University organizes a ‘Regional Academia-Industry Alliance and Exchange Conference’. It acts as a platform for industry and academia to share their resources and exchange views. The ten neighboring towns and cities that attended this year’s event included: Puzi, Dalin, Minxiong, Xikou, Xingang, Yizhu, Lucao, Zhongpu, Meishan, and Fanlu. The signing of this cooperation agreement by these communities at Nanhua University not only strengthens the alliance between the signatories, but also integrates the resources making them available for all to share.
President Tsong-Ming Lin expressed his appreciation to all those that attended the conference. President Lin pointed out the importance of bringing closer what students learn at universities and how they can be applied in the real world, which is a challenge that universities need to overcome. Since Nanhua University established the Academia-Industry Cooperation and Career Development Office, there’ve been 14 cooperation exchange conferences, as well as the establishment of a cooperation exchange platform. In order to improve the employment rate among students, the University has signed cooperation agreements with 602 enterprises. As part of the curriculum, students can enroll in internship or workplace experience courses to gain a better insight into their field of study in the real world. Students that have performed well during their internship have the opportunity to remain at the company after graduation to become formal employees. The annual employment expo held at the University provides at least 2000 job openings for students in which 80% matchups are achieved. Nanhua University uses career guidance and network building to connect students to work opportunities, which has led to a 94% alumni employment rate. President Lin stressed that Nanhua University puts great emphasis on life education, which is one of the defining characteristics of the University. Moreover, Nanhua University not only train students in their field of expertise, but also nurture students to possess a good attitude and strong work ethic. As a result, the employment satisfaction survey of Nanhua alumni showed an 89.17% satisfaction rate among employers, making Nanhua alumni one of the favorite employees in the industry. In terms of University Social Responsibility (USR), the University has over the years put a lot of effort into cultivating talent in the local community and maintaining a friendly relationship with the surrounding towns and cities. These efforts have culminated in the University winning Global Views Monthly magazine’s USR awards: the ‘Model Community Network Award’ in 2022 and ‘Green Campus Award’ in 2023. Nanhua University hopes that by pooling together all the available resources, we can create a platform that is conducive to developing a harmonious and prosperous future.

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