Buddha’s Birthday Concert: A Tribute to Buddha’s Grace Teachers and students rejoice in bathing Buddha as an Infant Prince

Every year before Buddha’s birthday, Fo Guang Shan Yuan-Fu Temple, Dalin Lecture Hall, and Nanhua University hold bathing Buddha blessings and activities as a means of paying homage to the Buddha as a way of expressing our gratitude for his goodness. On May 5, a bathing Buddha display was set up in front of the University Library which allowed faculty, staff, and students to bathe the Buddha and experience the compassion and joy of the momentous event. University President Tsong-Ming Lin led first- and second-level supervisors and faculty in the grand ceremony. Students also gathered for the experience, which encouraged everyone to follow the teachings and examples of Master Hsing Yun and the Three Acts of Goodness. Again, this year, Nanhua University held the “Buddha’s Birthday Concert” in conjunction with Fo Guang Shan. Hundreds of faculty and students attended, and Department of Ethnomusicology members performed materials written by Master Hsing Yun, through orchestras, Chinese orchestras, Chinese and Western music performances, and choruses. The melodious tones grace the Buddha and demonstrate the ultimate beauty of music. 
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