Eye-Catching Enrollment at Nanhua University with a Distribution Rate That Reached the Uppermost Echelon Nationwide

Individual applications for admission for the 2021-2022 academic year were released on May 20, 2021. Nanhua University accepted enrollment from 650 students and 632 students were admitted. This distribution rate stands at 97.23%. Compared with the previous academic year of 96.62%, Nanhua continues to grow in overall university rankings. This is a leap forward from 15th place in 2020, to 5th place in 2021, for the national rankings. In recent years, Nanhua University has continued to develop with qualities and characteristics which focus on “Life Education, Environmental Sustainability, Smart Innovation, and Three Acts of Goodness Campus”. The University continues its outstanding operational performance and has won many awards. It has also won the “Dissertation Resource Contribution Award” for six consecutive years. The award shows that the dissertations of doctoral and mater students of the school are highly valued and affirmed by all walks of life, and have significant academic value. In addition, the employment rate of graduates stands as high as 93.17%, job satisfaction at 82.58%, and employers’ satisfaction with students at 88.85%. Nanhua is also the favorite university of enterprises. The University excellence standards have been favored by examinees, while the registration rate has ranked first in the country for private universities for the past three years.
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